Welcome to my photography website

Of all photography websites out there you managed to find me..so a huge welcome!

Although based in London, I'm originally from Austria but I'm happy to put you in front of my lens wherever you are..


I am your perfect wedding photographer if you don't want to spend hours posing for photos to create memories of your special day, that you miss because of spending it posing for photos. I love the combination of a shorter photo session and spontaneous, emotional "candid" shots.



As a performer myself, I not only know how it feels being in front of a camera, but also understand the passion for your art and the importance of a good promotion shot.


Please contact me for any questions and prices.
Weddings start from £750.
E-mail: noraj@gmx.net
UK:  +44(0)7817 908265
AUT:+43(0)660 6885313
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MA Cinematography
Greenwich University
Photography Certificate
CPD Shaw Academy
Advanced Photography
CPD Shaw Academy
Wedding Photography
CPD Shaw Academy
Lightroom Certificate
CPD Shaw Academy
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I would describe Nora's photography as full of character, naturally beautiful and down-to-earth. Her photos of our wedding range from capturing some incredibly poignant moments with sensitivity through to shots that are creative and witty.